Beginner Course

Module 1 (1h)

The Start 

You will start with a small kite on land. How is a kite flying, what is the windwindow, how you can steer and control a kite? With our top hybrid soft kites by Flysurfer, you can quickly achieve the goals for this module with us.

1:1 = 75,00 €
2:1 = 62,50 €

Module 2 (2h)

Next Steps!

The build-up, dismantling and handling of the material is  really important before we are going into the water. We will show you the basic facts. 

At the water: We want you  to know the kite, the steering behavior and the pressure points at the wind window. Clean body drag is our goal.

1:1 = 150,00 €
2:1 = 100,00 €

Module 3 (2h)

Go on!!

Set up your kite and your equipment independently. At the water you get used to your kite. You can walk with your kite and steer and control it step by step more safely You will be able to do different kinds of bodydrags and we will start with the first exercises for the waterstart.

1:1 = 150,00 €
2:1 = 100,00 €

Module 4 (2h)


The kite won´t be no longer a foreign object for you and you will feel comfortable to use it!

Let's go for the waterstart and try to cover the first few meters. After some crashes you will be able to ride your first meters safely. At this point the fun is starting, the smile is big and problably you are infected with the kitefever

1:1 = 150,00 €
2:1 = 100,00 €